March, 2015

The2Woodies for Tea Collection

The2Woodies for Tea Collection

Woodies - Pool3

On our latest trips to Los Angeles and Scottsdale, we’ve been packing our favorites from the Tea Collection’s latest season – the India Collection.  We love the fun, bright colors, patterns and light fabrics inspired by India, which makes packing much easier!

Woodies - Staples Center5

Our all-time favorite t-shirt of the month is this back and front printed t-shirt called the Loud Lorrie, based on the hustle bustle of the Lorrie trucks in India.


Carter and Lemonade2

There’s nothing like a good food truck!  The auto rickshaw t-shirt got us looking for a ice-cold lemonade on this hot day.


Tucker with Lorrie Truck - Front - website

Of course, we LOVE hoodies.  Always be prepared with a good lightweight hoodie, in case the weather gets colder.

For our recipes that we shared with Tea Collection, click on the link below:

Scottsdale – Spring Training

Scottsdale – Spring Training



This Tripisode is coming soon…Stay Tuned!