Carter & Tucker

Who We Are

Our names are Carter and Tucker Hellman, and we are twin boys who love to eat and travel. Our Dad loves baseball, and before we were born, our dad always wanted to have sons with baseball player names like “Buster” or “Woody”.   Baseball – and especially the San Francisco Giants – has always been a big part of our family.  Our grandpa Bob even started a nonprofit called Build Our Ballpark (“B.O.B.”), which builds ballparks for kids in rough neighborhoods and helps teach teamwork.

Since dad couldn’t convince mom to name us both Woody, he had to get clever and came up with the middle names “Nash” and “Ford” (Carter Nash Hellman and Tucker Ford Hellman) after two car companies that made the Woody car so that he could call us both Woody!  Ever since, everyone calls us the “Woodies”.

Since we started working, we started a lifestyle brand called The2Woodies.  Our tagline is “Free Your Mind”, which means to let your mind be open to imagination so that what is possible can come in.

Why We Love to Eat

Ever since we started eating solids, we’ve always had the good fortune of having home cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have also been eating fresh food from all different cuisines.  Lots of people who would see us eat – whether in restaurants or at home – would be amazed by what and how much we ate.  Family friends who came to the house often tasted our food and asked for our recipes, since they were easy to make, flavorful and textures that their own kids would enjoy.  In compiling these recipes, we decided to create a cookbook called The2Woodies Cookbook: Eats and Treats for the Gourmet Toddler. These dishes in our first book are a storybook of how we fell in love with different types of cuisines, meats and fish, spices and herbs and inspired by our experiences at home and in our travels. We have had each of these dishes dozens of times at home, and no matter where we are in in the world, at least one of these dishes is made during our trip to remind us of home.

Why We Love to Travel

Our parents have always loved to travel, and they both wanted to make sure that our family continued to travel to all of the places that Mom and Dad had been before we were born.  They wanted us to experience and be as familiar with other cultures and parts of the world as we would our own neighborhood. We got our passports when we were just four months old and took our first trip on a plane when we were nine-months old to Cabo San Lucas where our entire family stayed when mom and dad got married just a few years ago.

We’ve been able to make lots of new places our “home away from home” by bringing some of our favorite things from home with us, and finding local spots to get fresh ingredients to prepare the foods that we love, but with a twist of something local in the dish.

As of our third birthday, we’ve been throughout California (SF Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, Monterey, Los Angeles, Newport Beach), Arizona (Scottsdale/Phoenix – twice), Colorado (Denver), New York (NYC – three times), Massachusetts (Nantucket/Boston), Rhode Island (Providence), Illinois (Chicago), Iowa (Cedar Falls), Hawaii (Maui, four times),

Internationally, we’ve been to Mexico (Cabo San Lucas, twice), Grand Cayman Islands, the Bahamas (Paradise Island), the UK (London), Italy (Tuscany – Siena/Florence), and Denmark (Copenhagen).  We’ve also been through a few airports (Charlotte and Atlanta) for layovers!

Where We’ve Been

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