Postcard from . . .

Scottsdale, Arizona

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It’s a tradition – our Grandpa Bob camps out in Scottsdale every year for Spring Training (and he stays the whole time!). This year, he invited us to join him so that he could take us to see our very first baseball game. As long as he gets the fries, we’re all in!

Before we head to Scottsdale, we’ll be making a stop in Los Angeles for work, so this will be a short trip to Scottsdale (4 days in total, including travel days), but we’re super excited to be seeing (and spoiled by) our Grandpa Bob, Grandma Betty, and our Grandma Roberta who is also known as the illustrious “Nanabert”.

Just another note on our Grandpa Bob simply because he deserves it. Grandpa Bob has played and loved the game of baseball nearly all of his life, so it’s no surprise that he’s getting us into the game as early as he can. Back in Iowa, he started a nonprofit called Build Our Ballpark (aka “B.O.B.”), which builds and restores baseball parks for kids who live in tough neighborhoods, and helps teach teamwork. So far, B.O.B. has built 15 ballparks in Iowa and 13 more in the works!

Grandpa Bob and Build Our Ballpark

Before We Got to Scottsdale

The day before we got to Scottsdale, we flew to L.A. for work. We were only there for one night, but we were able to check out some of the sights from our hotel room, and have a few great meals!

Tucker at The BLVD

Tucker eating fries

Woodies at L'Ermitage

Sea Bass Risotto at The Ivy


Carter at The Ivy 2

Tucker at The Ivy