Where Are We Eating

The2Woodies with Chef Michael Lofaro in Maui

Woodies Mike Kainoa

Chef Michael Lofaro, Executive Chef at Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Restaurant, and Kainoa Horcajo, Cultural Ambassador of the Grand Wailea, gave us a tour of the gardens and its link to Hawaiian history on the Grand Wailea property while we were in Maui.  We were lucky enough to watch Chef Mike prepare a new dish for us in the kitchen.  Since we love fresh fish, he chose to create a dish with Hawaiian Ono (aka “Wahoo”).

Chef Mike's 2Woodies Dish

We love the bright colors and ate everything…even the edible flowers!  Above is a photo of the “before” and below is a photo of “after” we got to the plate.


All Done