Where in the World Are The2Woodies


Other parents have always asked our family how we are able to travel to so many places being so young, and more importantly, they all want to know what we recommend – places to stay, places to eat, things to do, fun and unique finds, people to contact, etc.  We decided to start chronicling our journey of eating and exploring throughout the world in a video and blog series that we call “Where in the World are The2Woodies”, which captures through photos and video our travel reviews and tips (for properties, restaurants, local experiences, products and unique discoveries), our reactions and experiences from our perspective of various locations around the world.

The goal of our series is to show people through our real life story that it is not only possible but enjoyable for toddlers and young children to travel to all different destinations that may not traditionally viewed as “kid-oriented”, and that there are creative ways to adapt and opportunities to create an enjoyable experience for young travelers and their parents.  After all, kids do live everywhere on the planet!

Our family loves to experience life as locals wherever we go, so we always try to find experiences and products that are only available locally and learn about how other cultures live day-to-day around the world.  We often meet very interesting people – local cooks, farmers, fishing experts, artists, musicians, local businesses – and go to farmers markets, local grocery stores, meat and fish purveyors to find fresh, local ingredients and cook breakfast daily and at least one other meal during our stay.  When possible, we meet with local chefs, and in some cases, go on a journey with a local chef to places where he or she buys their vegetables, fruits, meats and fish, which enables us to meet and make new friends wherever we go.  We hope are real-life stories inspire you to create your own journeys in the world.

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Where in the World Are The2Woodies?